Dr. Ally is who we entrusted with the care of our babies, from our now defunct Cattery. He was amazing with all of them, and literally saved the life out our runt, who wasn’t expected to live. We still bring our other pets there (including the runt who I kept!), and he and his staff show the utmost professionalism, and genuinely care about their patients.

One of the things that I liked most about him initially, is that he’s not afraid to say “I don’t know,” and then research it. Many vets I’ve been to in the past just keep misdiagnosing rather than admit that they weren’t 100% sure of something.

This is honestly the best vet, and staff, that I have ever been to. They offer emergency services, and their pricing is fantastic. Give them a call and talk to them! What do you have to lose?

-Jessica J.

I can’t be more grateful than I am to Dr Cisse and Karen. I have never had a worse birthday morning than the one just past when I awoke to a very sick pet. I called and was told they were closing, but would wait for us anyway. I had never met this Dr. and never been a client here. We were treated like family and my Shelby is healthy and happy!!! I Recommend Dr Cisse and his expertise to anyone who wants to be treated with care and respect!!! Thank you for turning my birthday to a great day!!!

-Debbie M.

We brought our little Amy (dog) here about 5 weeks for the first time with some kind of illness. Dr. Cisse and his staff were so kind and caring. He worked diligently to try and figure out what was wrong. The news was not good. We brought Amy today to Dr. Cisse and she passed. I can’t thank Dr. Cisse, Karen and the rest of their staff for their kindness, caring, understanding and warmth during this very difficult time. They are wonderful and we will continue to bring Amy’s sister to them.

-Pam R.

I cannot begin to say enough about Dr Cisse and his staff! Dr Cisse is the most caring, sweetest man and he never gets annoyed with any of my ZILLION new dog owner questions. He is so caring and gentle with my Wheaten Terrier so there is no fear in my dog when he comes here. Such a completetly different experience than we had a a Major Vet Hospital in Bridgewater, MA. We drive 1/2 hour from Easton just to come here and we would drive longer if needed just to have Dr. Cisse treat our dog.

-Wendy W.

I would like to thank Dr. Cisse and his staff. I brought my beloved cat into their office yesterday for the first time. My poor kitty had not been eating and I was very concerned about him. I think I knew in my heart what the problem was. After an x-ray Dr. Cisse confirmed my fear. Cancer, and it was too advanced for any treatment. Dr. Cisse was so kind and compassionate. He said that I could bring him home to say goodbye and bring him back on another date or we could say goodbye now. Through my tears I felt it would be best to do it then. Dr. Cisse never made me feel rushed in any way. He would ask “are you ready, is it okay now”. He was so kind and gentle, compassionate and caring. His staff was also so caring. They made us feel as though no one was there but me and my beloved kitty. I would highly recommend South Bellingham Veterinary Hospital. They are professional, kind and caring. Thank you Dr. Cisse and staff.

-Barbara A.

The doctor and staff are so friendly here. They took such good care of my puppy. They definitely care about their patients. I highly recommend this vet if you have a pet. Thank you all so much for your help and concerns!

-Jennifer L.

I brought my kitty here for the first time today. I was amazed at the care given to Apollo by all who worked there. Dr. Cisse took the time to carefully examine him and explain things clearly. I’d highly recommend him to anyone who loves their pet!

-Cheryl G.

I am very picky about choosing a veterinarian, and when this office opened I have been very happy with their care. I have brought my 4 dogs and cat for different things and feel that they are very attentive.

-Jessica Y.

Just took our newly adopted stray kitten to Dr. Cisse and he was amazing. Everyone in this facility is kind, loving, patient. I highly recommend this new vet clinic.

-Candace G.

The entire staff were extremely professional welcoming and offered many options and resources for our fur baby cody.

-Brendalee M.

My fur babies love Dr. Cisse. He’s very thoughtful and detailed in his treatment and explainiation.

-Jeannie V.